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If sweet could
be simple,

What would
you create?

Introducing Qorus,

the sweetener system from Nutrinova,
the food ingredient business of Celanese.

What does authentic
taste like?

Like real possibilities.

With Qorus,

taste your product, not the sweetener.

How do you balance
sweetness and flavor?

Make low calorie
chocolate milk taste like
chocolate milk.

With Qorus,

you never have to compromise.

Qorus can help you achieve perfect harmony in formulation, taste, and experience.

With Qorus,

you have the freedom to
innovate without limitations.


Enrich your Expectations

Nutrinova, the food ingredient business of Celanese, introduces the Qorus™ sweetener system to assist food and beverage formulators in achieving their long-sought after authentic taste profiles.Qorus is a platform of sweetener systems that enables the manufacturer to balance sweetness and flavor, without the need to mask certain off-notes, and ultimately delight the consumer with a pure, authentic taste.

This freedom to innovate without limitations is what sets Qorus apart from the rest. In the end, you want your product to taste like your product, not our sweetener. With Qorus, you never have to compromise.

Try Qorus today in your low to no-cal carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, flavored waters, energy drinks, juice-based drinks, flavored milk, yogurt, powdered beverages and cocktails. See how it can help you achieve your authentic taste – Enrich your Expectations.



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